Is It That Time of The Month?

For Your Texas Inspection Sticker

Texas Inspection StickerWhat? did you think I was going to talk about P.M.S. here? No Way, we do car repairs here in San Benito.  I am Mr. Fix it.

I do, however,


want to talk about your Texas Inspection Sticker,  and how we can help you pass your Texas Vehicle Inspection.

According to the Texas Vehicle Inspections in the Texas Department of Public Safety:

Keeping Vehicles On Texas Roadways Safe…

  • Texas registered vehicles are required to receive an annual inspection.
  • The Vehicle inspection includes a comprehensive safety inspection to ensure basic road worthiness.
  • Vehicles registered in counties classified by Federal EPA as being in nonattainment status (17) are required to have an emissions test in addition to the safety inspection.

First and foremost, you have to have insurance for your vehicle, but you already know that.  Here at Cortez Auto Service, we don’t ask to see it, we fix cars, and we like doing that.  It’s what we’re good at and we will get your vehicle ready for the Texas Inspection Sticker.

When you go for your Texas Vehicle Inspection, you will need to provide the proof…it’s a given.

When you go get your Texas Inspection Sticker you need to have a variety of things working, which is not bad, because it not only provides safety for you, but safety for others as well.

You can find out what you need for your Texas Inspection Sticker on the Department of Public Safety  site.  Although most of the time, you already know what you need.

So what’s the problem when you’re trying to get your Texas Inspection Sticker?

Well, it could be a number of things.  Maybe you need tires.  Go to a used tire place if you cannot afford new ones.  Need brakes?  A working horn? Blinkers are not working and what not.

Here at Cortez Auto Service in San Benito, we can help by getting your vehicle up to par when you want to get your Texas Inspection Sticker.  See, according to the D.P.S. and Texas Vehicle Inspection standards, to get your Texas Inspection Sticker for a car you need:

What’s Inspected by Vehicle Type

Items of Inspection for a Passenger Car

05.01 Inspect Every Passenger Car For: (Listed in suggested order of inspection)

* Check for evidence of Financial Responsibility

1. Horn
2. Windshield Wipers
3. Mirror
4. Steering
5. Seat Belts
6. Brakes (system) (Parking – beginning with 1960 models)
7. Tires
8. Wheel Assembly
9. Exhaust System
10. Exhaust Emission System (beginning with 1968 models)
11. Beam Indicator (beginning with 1948 models)
12. Tail Lamps (2); (1) if 1959 model or earlier
13. Stop Lamps (2); (1) if 1959 model or earlier
14. License Plate Lamp (1)
15. Rear Red Reflectors (2)
16. Turn Signal Lamps (beginning with 1960 models)
17. Head Lamps (2)
18. Motor, Serial, or Vehicle Identification Number
19. 1988 & newer – inspect for window tinting or coating
20. Gas caps on vehicles 2-24 model years old.

Here at Cortez Auto Service we can fix all of that for you, so  you can be ready when it’s that time of the month for your Texas Inspection Sticker.

Getting Your Texas Inspection Sticker Should Not Be Hard!

If you need work for your vehicle, bring it to us, we will help you.  Sure, you can have the work done while getting your Texas Inspection Sticker.  They are a shop, they are mechanics, they will fix your problems if you want.  But it will cost you.

Your Texas Inspection Sticker should not cost you that much.  If you allow the people at the Inspection Station to do the work, they will charge a hefty price, and why do they do this?

Because they can…Because you need it.  Walk away, come to Cortez Auto Service in San Benito, and we won’t empty your pockets.  We’ll get your car Texas Inspection Sticker Ready.  Si O Si?

Here at Cortez Auto Service we help you getting your Texas Inspection Sticker by doing the work and charging less than what those inspection stations charge you.  And they do it, because you have no choice.  You either drive away and be ticketed for a fine, or pay the costs for repair.

We don’t think that’s right for a Texas Inspection Sticker!

Contact us, and we will get you on the road in a hurry, and worry free about passing your next Texas Inspection Sticker Test.

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